I help businesses transform their websites and apps through customer experience research, content strategy, and user experience design.
My clients gain measurable results.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Research

How well do you know your customers? I help clients uncover their customers' behaviors, motivations, and unmet needs through customer interviews, surveys, and ethnographic research. With personas and customer journey maps, I give clients the tools to empower their teams to put the customer first.

Information Architecture and Content Strategy

Web Content Strategy

The most important part of your website is its content, yet often it is outdated, disorganized, and doesn't help your visitors find what they need. Using web analytics, usability testing techniques, and years of hands-on experience with information architecture (IA) and search engine optimization (SEO), I can make your underperforming pages exceed your expectations. 

User Experience

User Experience Design

User experience design techniques like wireframing and prototyping enable you to see your application or website before it's ever designed and built. This means you can gather feedback from your customers, development teams, and stakeholders without wasting costly IT dollars. In addition, your design decisions can be validated with usability testing - so you'll know your project is on the right track. 

Graphic for search engine optimization services 

Website Optimization

When your potential customers use Google, is your website easily found? How you appear in search results can drastically improve your odds of being discovered by the right prospects. And once you're been found, improving your site's content and usability ensures that your customers will want to stay. 

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