Google Analytics IQ Exam Hack: Take a Pre-Test

Even though I've used Google Analytics for more than five years, I was still anxious about taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam. I read blog posts, watched some of Google's Academy videos, and generally procrastinated and fretted, as is my nature when facing the unknown. Then I realized that I could retake the test 7 days after a failure, which meant that I could use pre-testing as a learning strategy

In under an hour, I breezed through the exam. I took best guesses at questions, but more importantly, I paid attention to what topics they were covering and how they were asking the questions. My general knowledge put me within 10 points of passing, but now I knew the areas where I was weak (such as everything having to do with AdWords reports, and weirdly specific questions about permanently deleting filters). I spent the next week casually studying the topics that were recurring or that I was unfamiliar with, then took the test again and passed handily. So, when in doubt, take a pre-test - it works!