Graphic for customer experience consulting in Pittsburgh, PA

Customer Experience Services

What is customer experience research? Put simply, it's gaining an understanding of your customers by stepping into their shoes. To do this, I talk to current customers, potential customers, and former customers to find out what their needs are, what works well for them, and what doesn't. However, it is not limited to asking customers what they want and then giving it to them - it's anticipating what they might need, and what they haven't even imagined yet.

Armed with this information, I can help you map your customer's journey and make an informed digital marketing strategy where your website content, social media presences, and online advertising are tailored to your audience, answering their questions and anticipating their needs. 

Here's how I can help your organization: 

  • Recruiting research participants. 
  • Surveys and interviews with your customers.
  • Personas representing your target customer to create a better understanding of their behaviors and motivations. 
  • Customer experience journey maps that detail touchpoints and emotions for all phases of discernment, from early research through post-purchase, with opportunities for improvement.  
  • Customer research findings and recommendations to inform your business objectives and marketing plans. 
  • Content strategy and user experience design services to improve your websites and mobile apps based on customer research insights.