Sometimes the best websites are totally ugly.

And that's because content is king. 

Case in point: Ian's Shoelace Site

Screenshot of Ian's Shoelace Website

The design is not anything to write home about, but the site contains every imaginable way to tie your shoes. Who goes here? Well, shoelace enthusiasts, but also folks looking for things like lock lacing for running shoes (that's my excuse).  

Briefly, here's what Ian's Shoelace Site does right: 

  • It's written for the web. Focused pages with clear introductions and easy to scan headings, lists and illustrations.   
  • Illustrations have text backups and viewing guides for the colorblind. 
  • The navigation menus are a little overwhelming, but there are several clear entry points to make it easy to find your way around. There's also supporting navigation like related links on interior pages. 
  • Oddly engaging writing style that is clear and concise. 
  • The site curator's expertise and credibility is obvious.