Links: Persona Resources

Today's Adaptive Path post about "Avoiding Half-Baked Personas" launched me on a Google exploration of the persona. Admittedly, I did not know that there were so many types of personas...the article and the comments alone unveiled ad-hoc personas, proto-personas, user descriptions, provisional personas...probably more semantics to come, the article is young. (Side note: is there something terribly attractive about p-sound alliteration?)

In honor of my search query of the day, some quality links on persona creation: 

eightshapes | unifiy Persona Page Patterns

Beautiful layouts for personas. I've never said this before, but someone get me InDesign! 

Tood Warfel's Persona Templates

Another example of documentation. Again, more InDesign!

How to Understand Your Users with Personas

Persona comic strip, no kidding. 

A Few Quality How-To's

Making Personas More Powerful - Exhaustive toolkit PDF. 

Three Important Benefits of Personas - key reasons to do them. 

Crappy Personas vs. Robust Personas - response to the 37Signals persona fracas. 

In conclusion...

To tell the truth, when I hear "persona" I think of this