7 UX & IA websites worthy of adding to your reader.

I'm going for less-obvious, of course. Everyone (should) know about UX Mag, Jakob Nielson's Alertbox, A List ApartBoxes & Arrows...I could go on.  

In no particular order...

1. UX Myths

Ever know that something is just not true, but you find yourself in need of backup? UX Myths has a fantastic list of debunked myths, and all the supporting link goodness to back them up. You might want to print the article on the "3-click rule" and pass it out to everyone you meet.

2. Scott Berkun's Blog

On innovation, presenting your ideas, project management, writing and so much more. Plus the infamous blog post about asshole-driven development. You might want to pass that one out too. 

3. What Makes Them Click

A blog and a book about the psychology behind user behavior on the web. It is also insightful about relationships (see #46: The more uncertain you are, the more you dig in and defend your ideas.). It also provides further reading and/or research citations, which spells credibility. 

4. Luke Wroblewski

Do you love data? Go here. Also form design goodies, his notes from conferences, etc. 

5. 37 Signals Blog

Inspires awe and jealousy. Design, business, technology. 

6. UX Booth

A collective that produces a ton of quality blog posts and resources. I love that this straddles the complete user experience/content strategy realm with topics like user research, interaction design and IA/content. 

7. Brain Traffic Blog

Of late, the posts have been a tad dodgy, but check out the archives for great content strategy articles.