Graphic: silhouette of Julie

About Julie

In over a decade of working in user experience and content strategy, I've designed highly efficient interfaces for enterprise health applications and created compelling customer experiences for marketing websites and mobile apps. I'm currently a digital project manager and UX specialist at Sparkbox in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

I'm a user experience expert who loves doing real customer research, digging into content strategy, crafting the best solutions, and then usability testing them to prove it. In addition to qualitative techniques, I employ data analysis and web analytics to inform my recommendations.  In December 2015, I completed my MBA to round out my skills in marketing strategy. I am interested in opportunities to transform everyday digital activities and deliver value to customers through human-centered design thinking. 

Recent Work

Here's what I've been up to lately: 

  • I developed personas and customer journey maps for a midwestern health network's bariatric clinics to focus their marketing approach. This involved in-depth interviews with each clinic's team, and most importantly, with people who were in all stages of the funnel, from initial research about weight loss surgery, to first contact and provider selection, and finally, to post-bariatric surgery.  
  • I provided the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with recommendations to improve their Walk MS, Bike MS, and Walk MS Challenge event websites and registration process. (As of this writing, Walk MS and Bike MS show my improvements, while Walk MS Challenge shows the "before.")

Career Backstory

Prior to Sparkbox, I was a senior user experience design analyst at HM Health Solutions, an application service provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurers. I was responsible for the user research, interface design, and usability testing for enterprise software and web applications. My projects were large and complex, and the users I designed for worked in these apps every day, all day. Productivity and efficiency mattered, and my job was to make complicated systems easy to learn and even easier to use. Some of my projects included a call center application, a provider portal, and a benefit configuration application for group insurance sales. For these projects, I was the lead UX team member who set the direction for all deliverables. 

During my four years at HM Health Solutions, I also earned my MBA from Duquesne University, and was certified as a SAFe Agilst. I'm also Google Analytics certified

I didn’t start my career in UX, however. Straight out of college, I was hired by Ripple Effects Interactive (now BarkleyREI) as a proofreader/copywriter. I wrote web copy, marketing emails, and banner ads for tourism, non-profit, government, and higher education clients for a year, then I moved into content strategy, and finally into user experience, learning as I went from talented marketing strategists, developers, and UX people. I became the go-to user experience person in the organization.

After my time at Ripple Effects/BarkleyREI, I took a user experience position at Elliance, a boutique digital strategy agency. Elliance has a strong search engine optimization and web analytics focus, which gave me the tools to dig into Google Analytics and use my own quantitative research to inform the information architecture and content strategy of my projects. My user experiences not only incorporated this research, but also the team’s finely crafted marketing and SEO strategies. 

If you’d like to know more, check out my LinkedIn profile or drop me a line